lady and her dog collecting her mail at supported living“I get by with a little help from my friends…” So sang the Beatles 50 years ago, and those words sing even truer today, than ever before. Options is proud to launch our Supported Living Fund, a new program that builds on friends, family and an overall team approach.


The Supported living fund enables people with a disability, along with their family and carers to create living arrangements that suit the person’s life and preferences, gives access to paid supports and services, and to plan for their future. The funding is portable and remains with the individual. Six people, who were allocated a package through the  “Supported Living Fund” have chosen Options Disability support as their service of choice and are working to develop a lifestyle that truly suits them.

Each individual, plus one happily married couple, have used their Supported Living fund allocation to move into their own home. With the support of an enthusiastic, dynamic and diverse team of staff and family, they have been able to access work, culture, fitness, technology and community through discussion, support, training and recreation.

It had been exciting to watch as people have grown in their skills and become valued members of their local community. To find out more about the supported living fund, visit NSW Family & Community Services Supported Living Fund.