Options Crew - Margaret Knight Van


Margaret Knight was a long-term client of the OPTIONS Work Crew who took care of Margaret’s lawn mowing services.

Our Work Crew established a strong friendship with her over ten years as they regularly helped her by maintaining her garden.

Margaret was quite a character and she enjoyed visits from the Options Crew who looked after her lawns and gardens. Margaret would often bring out nice cold drinks for the boys during the summer months.

Our Work Crew boys said, ‘She was a very nice lady’. As a bit of a recluse, Margaret didn’t have a lot of social contact. She lived alone and didn’t interact much with others. Her place was more of a garden than a lawn, so our Work Crew felt that it was important to continue to help keep things tidy for her.

Margaret was quite the collector and would have all sorts of odds and ends lying about the place. She was a bit of a hermit and a hoarder. The Work Crew often did runs to the tip for her, or helped her with trimming trees and clearing gutters.

The Options Work Crew kept on going to her place just to check in – Margaret didn’t really have much lawn but we had become friends with her and wanted to make sure she was OK.

Over the years, Margaret’s health deteriorated and we saw less and less of her. She would often stay inside when we visited her. The Options Work Crew kept maintaining her property to let her know she wasn’t alone and was still a valued member of the community.

Sadly, Margaret passed away and is still missed by the mowing crew who enjoyed helping her. In a very kind gesture, Margaret left a generous donation to the Options Work Crew in her will. This money was used to purchase a Brand New Van for the Work Crew. It’s comforting for or Work Crew to know that Margaret is still with them each day, as they drive to their jobs, Margaret will be helping OPTIONS to help others for many years to come.

We contacted Margaret’s Niece to find out more about Margaret’s history… she sent us this lovely memorial tribute to Margaret.

Memories of Margaret Knight

Margaret Knight

Margaret was born in 1940 in Boororwa, NSW.  The youngest of three children to Reverend George and Ivy Knight.  The daughter of a Methodist Minister, Margaret lived in many towns across NSW throughout her childhood.

Margaret worked at BHP in Newcastle before taking up nursing in Sydney. Margaret then nannied overseas before settling into a long and successful career as a book keeper in the advertising industry.

Eventually Margaret made the move to Empire Bay, to be close to her dearest friends from school and it was there that Margaret made her forever home, building her house and creating her garden.

Reflecting on Margaret’s life, she demonstrated two strong characteristics; enduring relationships and passion for her interests and hobbies.

Margaret’s love of the Liberal Party and gardening has given her lifetime friends. Margaret was a lifetime member of Killcare Heights Garden Club, holding president and treasurer roles for many years. The garden club trips and monthly meetings brought a lot a joy, lasting friendships and lots of pot plants. Margaret’s other great passions included:

  • Rock and roll dancing
  • Sewing, Margaret made a lot of her own clothes
  • Frogs – she has a vast collection, all sizes, makes and forms
  • Her 1981 Holden Gemini. Margaret could be seen cruising up and down the M1 with her giant stuffed Frog as her front seat passenger, also wearing a seatbelt.
  • Animals, especially cats and dogs and we cant talk about Margaret’s life with out mentioning her afghans, Jedda, Mopsy and Duchess, and her cats, Van, Lightening and Grady.

As Margaret got older and the demands of her precious garden increased, regular visits by the boys from Kariong Options Disability Support became a highlight for her. So much so she bequeathed $20,000 to the organisation because of their care of her but also the care of the young men participating in the program.

Margaret chose to live her life with strength, passion, fun and determination. She always had a cheeky twinkle in her eyes and sassy laugh. She lived her life exactly how she wanted to, with very few regrets. We will always be grateful to her for sharing a life filled with cats, dogs, frogs, lasting friendships, love and laughter.

Margaret is remembered by her brothers Eric (dec), Bruce, nephews David, Graham, Gavin & Richard, and nieces Elizabeth & Amanda. Margaret had many dear and much-loved friends across the Central Coast.