After a year of writing, work-shopping, planning and filming the time came for us to show our short film “Killing Hope”.

“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.”  Well, we had a girl and a gun, but also a cow, and an island, and an asteroid, and a boat and they were the easy challenges we faced.

The film group wanted to arrive at the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre premiere in red carpet style, so a decision was made to arrive in the specialist of special buses, an old 1940s red double decker bus. Along the way, an Australian Comedian, Actor, friend and supporter of the project Julia Morris hitched a ride to the event where upon her arrival was serenaded by Ty Mcgill and Andrew Sampford at the piano.  Julia kept the audience laughing as we all anxiously waited for the film to start.

What a moment as we watched OUR film on the big screen with all of OUR favourite people sharing the experience. It is one that I know I will never forget. From Nathan driving Gavins’ boat with a Migraine, to a stubborn cow not turning the right way. All night editing nights with Andrew and Trent to covert island reconnaissance missions, in the bus, with everyone. James eating cold beans to the talkative date Steve brought.

Overall, it was a hilarious and stylish premiere, in true Options Theatre Company spirit. All the darlings and loves and theatrical kisses made for a memorable premiere for our movie about a girl and a gun…and a cow.