Being dramatic at The Options Theatre Company helps develop communication skills for life.

By using drama, music, self-expression and acting techniques at the Options Theatre Company, participants experience increased confidence, nathgreasedevelop friendships and improve communication skills.

Nathan, is a great example of how ‘art creates skills’.  Recently cast as Danny Zuko in an upcoming production of Grease which will be performed in front of 1000 people, he said he was shy and “obsessive about stuff” when he joined the innovative program for young people with disabilities about eight years ago.  Now he has confidence to perform, speaks his mind and helps other cast members with their lines and moves.

Artistic Director Stuart Smith describes Nathan as “an actor who knows his craft” and has seen him blossom over the years into a generous team member and confident performer, but he’s not alone.  “The transformations at the Theatre Company are incredible,” Stuart says. “People who have struggled to form and maintain social relationships and communicate confidently have changed their lives through self-expression, fun and collaborative creative practices”.

Always setting the bar high, Stuart and his expert team actively strive to blow preconceptions out of the water.  Films and productions are designed to be edgy, surprising and of an exceptional quality.

And while high expectations and hard work are a given, fun is a huge factor too. With photo shoots, film plots and dialogue, music and dance moves all crafted by the participants with much laughter and hilarity. Along with owning the content and the process of developing it, comes a deep sense of pride and the ability to compromise and communicate openly within a team.

With company members website-3now auditioning for television commercials, the professional opportunities to further their practice and reach for the stars are real.

The Options Theatre Company takes pride in reflecting diversity in mainstream arts, media and the community, knowing it is crucial for an equitable, vibrant and authentic society.

Giving young adults with a disability life skills and communication tools is a big bonus, but thrusting them into the limelight is the goal. With professional training, a focus firmly on growing abilities and a healthy dose of fun, the Options Theatre Company always gets a standing ovation.

See the Options Theatre Company perform Grease at The Art House Wyong May 26 & 27 2017 and follow us on Facebook for all the latest performance information.

Please phone 02 4340 5155 or email for more information about The Options Theatre Company and other supports.