group laughing at the autumn harvest festivalThe recent Autumn Harvest festival held at the Common Ground Gardens was a big success and a great day was had by all who attended. The festival celebrates the change of season and the last of the summer grown vegetables that are now ready for harvesting.

autumn-harvest2There were some great activities on the day including apple candle making, bulb potting, decorating stones for a commemorative garden bed, and dough kneading for some yummy wood fired bread rolls. The pumpkins were harvested in the morning for a delicious soup, which was well needed fuel after the scarecrow relay and egg and spoon races.

The weather was perfect and there was a buzz of activity all day as the 80 who attended celebrated with much laughter in the warm sun. Two scarecrows were made for the gardens and the day was finished off with a Maypole dance which had everyone smiling from ear to ear as they weaved a rather tangled but beautiful pattern.

potting bulbs at the autumn harvest festival

“I had so much fun. Awesome!” Simon Allen.

“It was a fun day. I’m using my apple candle at home.” Phillip Yeo.

“I liked potting the bulbs and watching the Maypole dance. It was fun.” Rebecca James.