Splash of Colour Art & Photography Exhibition

Options Disability Support proudly presented the 2022 ‘Splash of Colour’ Art & Photography Exhibition at The Art House in Wyong.

Our talented OPTIONS Artists and Photographers worked hard throughout 2022 to produce a collection of stunning artworks and images.

About the Splash of Colour Art & Photography Exhibition

The ‘Splash of Colour’ Art and Photography Exhibition is a unique collection of vibrant and colourful art and photography created by Artists and Photographers at Options Disability Support.

The ‘Splash of Colour’ theme explores the idea of how colour affects our feelings, moods and our perceptions.

Our artists and photographers were invited to draw inspiration from:

  • their environment
  • experiences
  • imagination

OPTIONS Photography Groups accessed the community less than they normally would have due to ongoing restrictions along with the continued impact of COVID. In 2022 our artists and photographers had to think ‘outside the box’ to come up with creative ways to capture images that reflected the theme – ‘Splash of Colour’.

They have captured unique images through the use of everyday objects and materials which our photographers interact with both in nature and in their daily activities. The result is a stunning visual showcase which demonstrates tremendous variety, depth and exploration of colour, imagination and creativity.

The ‘Splash of Colour’ Art & Photography Exhibition was be held at The Art House in Wyong between 5-14 October, 2022.

The Exhibition was be formally launched on Thursday 6 October (5.30 – 7.00 pm) and Options Disability Support invited everyone to attend this inclusive event.

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