Options Edible Garden

The Options Edible Garden is nestled in the beautiful Mount Penang Gardens at Kariong.

Our warm and cosy cottage invites you into a friendly space that is centred around permaculture and seasonal food.

Join us in the kitchen where we prepare daily lunches which are available to OPTIONS participants.

You can be part of a team at the Options Edible Garden and take part in many programs including:

  • The Options Print Room
  • The Options Cafe Crew
  • The Options Foodies Group
  • The Options Garden Crew
  • The Options Work Crew

Join the Options Edible Gardens Crew to grow, design and produce a wide range of amazing products which are sold at our stall and at community fetes and events.


Options Edible Garden offers a range of hands on experiences from cooking, catering and gardening to creating t-shirts, mugs and gifts in the Print Room.

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Options Edible Garden – Where plants and people grow!

Print Room

Learn graphic design and computer skills to create printed items

Join the Print Room Crew

The Edible Garden Print Room produces a range of custom printed items including:

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Labels & Stickers
  • Personalised gifts

Catering Crew

Learn to cook delicious food and help with catering for events

Join the Catering Crew

The Edible Garden Catering Crew learn to cook a range of home-made foods including:

  • Daily Lunches
  • Cakes & Slices
  • Jams & Sauces
  • Fudges & Nuts
  • Event Catering

Garden Crew

Learn about horiticulture and work in our beautiful Edible Garden

Join the Edible Garden Crew

Our Garden Crew enjoy working in the outdoors on a range of gardening activities including:

  • Planting Seedlings
  • Growing Vegetables
  • Flowers & Herbs
  • Potting Plants
  • Mowing & Watering

Work Crew

Help out in the community and learn valuable garden and maintenance skills

Join the Work Crew

Our Work Crew help out in the community with gardening and maintenance tasks including:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Moving furniture
  • Pickups & Deliveries
  • Rubbish Removals

Find out how we can support you!
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