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Options Theatre Company

Options Theatre Company provides a first class performing arts facility creating new opportunities to learn, create and perform under the guidance of qualified and experienced Arts industry professionals.

Build your confidence and social skills with a range of dynamic Creative Arts programs:

  • dance
  • music
  • acting for film and stage
  • performance techniques
  • vocal training
  • video shooting and camera techniques
  • audio and video editing
  • podcasting
  • improvisation and more

Options Theatre Company explores all different forms of the creative arts, revealing a unique answer that “art should, is and can be ALL different things”

These workshops and classes in drama, film making, dance, music, and multimedia provide an innovative space where people with disabilities can interact and collaborate with others who share their passion and creativity for the arts.

With structured and flexible support, you will feel empowered to grow as a performer, and as a person, with this inspiring, inclusive, artistic company that has abilities as its focus and diversity at its heart.

“Being autistic, one of the hardest things to learn is communication. Drama at OPTIONS Theatre Company has helped me a lot in my personal life. I am not as shy now and I can go and talk to complete strangers and ask for help if I need it”
– Kim – Erina.

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